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For Companies - Mandate base

First, We Would Like to Get to Know You
A personal visit is the first order of business for us. This allows us to get a feel on site for your company culture, the philosophy that you espouse, and the ideal new employees for your team.

Time-saving, Structured Staffing Process
After our discussion, we will have a thorough understanding of the job profile and requirements. We will then write up the job advertisements, place them in the appropriate media, and make an objective initial and secondary selection of candidates for you. We will lead the selected candidates through a structured interview and provide a concise summary of the results. Our experience provides an ideal foundation on which to base your decision.

Successful Partners in the Long Term
Even after the selection process, we will gladly continue to advise you in daily HR matters or when recruiting new candidates. Long-term partnerships and open communication are especially important to us. This gives us an intuitive understanding of your concerns and requirements without requiring extensive input on your part.